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Q & A for International Students 

A. Visa Application

Q1. What types of visas are there? 


  • Visitor Visa: A short term visa with 5 durations of stay (14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days) that is suitable for applicants staying in Taiwan for less than 180 days.
  • Resident Visa: A long-term visa suitable for applicants staying in Taiwan for more than 180 days. Those approved should report to the National Immigration Agency within 15 days of entering the country to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate. Those who wish to leave and enter the country within visa duration should also apply for the re-entry permit.Ans:

Q2. Do I need to exchange the visitor visa for the resident visa? 


  • Those who use the visitor visa to enter the country to enroll in courses for no more than 6 months do not need to apply for a resident visa. You can go to the National Immigration Agency with a valid visa to apply for a visa extension for up to a maximum of 180 days.
  •  Those holding a visitor visa and will be studying for more than 6 months should travel to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs before visa expiration to apply for a resident visa.Ans:

Q3. If I am a foreign student who used a resident visa for entry, do I need to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate? 

  • Yes. Go to the National Immigration Agency within 15 days of entry to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate.

Q4. How do I apply for the various visas, what is the process? 


  • If you would like to apply for a visa from your country of residence, please consult the local Taiwanese bureau of affairs
  • If you are applying for a visa in Taiwan, seek the related department according to your needs.
Visitor visa (apply if staying for less than 180 days) Central Taiwan Office, Ministry of Foreign AffairsTel:04-22510799Address: No. 503, Section 2, Liming Rd, Taichung City, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Resident Visa (apply if staying for more than 180 days)
(Should apply for Alien Residence Certificate within 15 days of receiving visa) National Immigration AgencyTel:04-22549981Address: 1F., No.91, Gancheng St., Nantun Dist., Taichung City
ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate
Visa Extension
ID No. Application
Work Visa (limited to students who have registered to school) Bureau of Employment and Vocational TrainingTel:02-89956866Address: 83, Yang-Ping N. Rd., Sec. 2, 9F

Q5. What do I do if I lose my visa? 


  • If you lose your visa due to theft, robbery, or fraud, for your guarantees please go to the nearest Asia University police station or the local police department to file a report and obtain a proof of theft. Apply for a new document from the agency that issued the original document. If the visa is lost due to personal negligence, please go to the related agency to apply for a new visa. See question 4 for the related process.

B. Residence Information

Q1. What are my choices? 


  • 1. On campus: dormitories contain rooms for 4.

          2. Off campus: rental options include a single-room (a single room without bath) or a studio (a single room with bath).Ans:

Q2. Rental fees? 


  • 1. On campus: room for 4: NTD 13,000 per semester

          2. Off campus: (a.)single room: approx. NTD 3000-4500/month

                                     (b.)studio: approx. NTD 4000-6000/month

Note: the prices above are for reference only. For related housing information, check the university’s housing services department.


Q3. How do students apply for dormitory rooms? 


  • 1. During the semester: foreign students have priority and can apply for rooms with the housing services department within the allotted period of time.
  • 2. During the summer: each year at the beginning of March.Ans:

Q4. How do exchange students apply for dormitory rooms? 


  • If exchange students would like to stay in dorm rooms, they must fill out the application form and submit it to the housing services department.

C. Living Information

Q1. How do I make international calls? 


  • Taiwan→Foreign: xxx-country code-area code-telephone number. Foreign→Taiwan: xxx-886-area code-telephone number. For example: To call Asia University from the U.S. 011-886-4-2332-3456

011(telecom company international call code), in Taiwan, the international call codes include (002,005,006,016,017)



Q2. How do I buy an international telephone card?


  • They can be purchased at any convenient store (7-11, Hi-Life, OK, Family Market) or the retail branches of all major telecoms.

Q3. How do I apply for a cellphone number? 


  • Usually, the applicant must be 20 years of age in order to apply for a cellphone number. For detailed information, consult the retail branches of major telecoms.

Q4. What forms of identification do I need to apply for a cellphone number?


  • In order to apply for a cellphone number, you must have a passport (with more than 3 months until expiration) and another form of identification with more than 6 months before expiration: 1. Residence visa 2. Alien residence certificate 3. Driver’s license.

Q5. What are some fun places in Taichung? 


  • For tourist information about Taichung, visit the Taichung government’s website at:

Q6. How do I get from Asia University to Taichung Train Station?


  • Use the transportation methods below:

          (a) Taxi:Cow Cars-(04)23751234/0932-508437/0800-378899

           (b) Public Bus: from the Asia University bus station, take the 100/108 and it will go straight to Taichung Train Station.


Q7. How do I get to Asia University from Taichung Train Station? 


  • (a) Taxi: NT400~NT5002.

          (b) Public Bus: at the bus station, take the 100/108 to Wu Fong straight to Asia University.

Q8. How do I open a bank account? 

  • Prepare NTD 1000 and a clear photocopy of the front and back of your residence visa.

Q9. How do I travel to Taichung from the Taoyuan Airport or vice versa? 


  • For travel methods from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung, please refer to the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport website.
  • Ubus

Dep←→Arrival Taoyuan Airport  Taichung City

Fare (NT$): Adult NT$ 240 Children NT$ 170

Bus interval (min): 50-60

Service Hours: Taoyuan International Airport 06:15 – 00:05

Travel Time (min): 150~180

  • JianMing Coach Company(Freego Bus)

Dep←→Arrival Taoyuan Airport  Taichung City

Fare (NT$): Adult NT$ 270 Children NT$ 190

Bus interval (min): 50-60

Service Hours: Taoyuan International Airport 05:40 – 01:00

Travel Time (min): 150~180

  • KUO-KUANG Motor Transport King Bus

Dep←→Arrival Taoyuan Airport  Taichung City

Fare (NT$): Adult NT$ 240 Children NT$ 145

Bus interval (min): 60-120

Service Hours: Taoyuan International Airport 06:30 – 22:50

Travel Time (min): 150~180

D. Insurance

Q1. Who needs student insurance and how is it purchased? 


  • Students’ Safety Insurance is required for all students at Asia University (includes degree and exchange students) and the insurance fee is included in the registration fee.

Q2. Who needs National Health Insurance (NHI) and how is it purchased? 


  • National Health Insurance (NHI) is required for all foreign nationals who hold Alien Residence Certificates for more than 6 months. The university’s foreign students are all enrolled in NHI at March after enrollment in February (spring courses) or in September (fall courses). NHI fees are included in each semester’s registration fees. After obtaining the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC), new students should submit photocopies of the certificate to the College of International and Cross-Strait Education for insurance application.

Q3. Who needs medical insurance and how is it purchased? 


  • Foreign freshmen cannot participate in NHI in their first 6 months so they should purchase overseas medical insurance for a period of 6 months from their country of residence and submit photocopies of insurance certificates to the College of International and Cross-Strait Education.

E. Health Examination

Q1. Do I need a health examination? 


  • Yes, all Asia University freshmen whether they are locally born or foreign students must undergo a health examination before their first semester at the school.

Q2. The health examination I took for Asia University, can it be used to apply for the ARC? 


  • No, because the ARC application requires more stringent health examination items. Application for the ARC requires visiting the designated medical clinics below for health examinations. (a) Taichung City China Medical University(40402 Taichung City North Region 91 Xue Shi Rd. Tel: 04-22053366). (b) Or consult other approved clinics and hospitals.

F. Psychological Counseling


Q1. If I have trouble adjusting (includes: home-sick, curriculum, troubles with friends and relationships), where can I seek help?


  • Asia University greatly cares for international students and how they are adjusting to learning and life in Taiwan. We provide the services below to help international students.

1.    Counseling CenterContact: (04)23323456# 6265~6269

2.    Military Education Office: When in emergency, contact the military education office for your required service.Contact: (04)23323456#3220~3227

G. Curriculum

Q1. Where can I find the academic calendar? 


  • The academic calendar can be found on the university’s website. Furthermore, you can go to Asia University’s homepage to find more new information or the most updated version.

Q2. I want to learn Chinese, does Asia University provide a method for learning Chinese? 


  • Asia University’s language research and development center provides various types of basic, beginner, first level, intermediate, and advanced Chinese courses for the enrollment of international students.

Q3. How do I apply for Chinese courses? 


  • Application for Chinese courses will differ depending on student status.



H. Regarding Academic Affairs 

 1. Q: When can I register for the courses of the new semester?


A: The Academic Affairs office makes an announcement of the course registration schedule at the end of each semester. Students should just follow the schedule.


2. Q: Where can I apply for certificate of study and transcript?


A: One can apply for these documents at Academic Affairs Office.


3. Q: Does the school offer any financial sponsorship for the student’s participation in international conference?


A: One should apply for National Science Council’s, NSC, and support first. Once being rejected, then one can apply to the office of research and development for Asia University’s financial support.


4. Q: How do I apply for leave and drop-out from school?    

A: Please go to apply at the Academic Affairs Office. The application should be complete at least one week in advance.


I. Regarding Health, Insurance & Medical Care 

1. Q: Must I join national health insurance, NHI? Is it mandatory?


A: Yes, the current “national health insurance act” regulates that NHI is mandatory for the international students staying in Taiwan for at least 6 months and holding Alien Residence Certificate, ARC.


2. Q: When does the NHI coverage begin? 

A: It depends on the date of issue of one’s ARC. No matter if the application procedure for NHI is completed or not, one will be covered after possessing the ARC for 6 months.


3. Q: How much do I have to pay for NHI?


A: The monthly fee is NTD749. You should make the payment for the whole semester, 6 months, at the Cashier while registering for the new semester to complete the registration process.


4. Q: Do I, with NHI, still need to make any payment while visiting the doctor?


A: Yes, you do. The benefit package of NHI does not include everything. For each visit, you still need to pay for the copayment. Besides, extra fee will be charged for special treatment and medicine.


5. Q: Do we have any other insurance except NHI?


A: Yes, students insurance. This insurance covers your hospitalization and accident cases. If you have the need, consult the Sanitary and Health Caring Center, Academic Affairs Office.

J. Regarding Opening a Bank Account

 1. Q: Can I open a saving account in Taiwan?


A: You can open a saving account if you are over 20 years old.


2. Q: What do I need to prepare for applying for a bank account?


A: NTD1,000 and a clear copy of the following documents or certificates: passport, visa, both sides of student ID and both sides of ARC.



K. Regarding Scholarship 

Please visit our Scholarship FAQ website:

Please  check the scholarship information on our website:



 1. Q: Where can I get my postal letters and packages? 

A: It is the General Affairs Office. Once the General Affairs Office receives your letter or package, they will notify you either by email or phone call.


2. Q: Where should I go for extending my ARC?


A: You should go to the Immigration Agency. To get there, take bus100 to Taichung Train Station then transfer to bus75 or bus81. Get off at “ Li Ming Xin Cun” stop. The bus ride will take you at least 1.5 hours.


3. Q: My family would love to visit me here. To apply for visa, we need

an invitation letter from the school. How can I apply for it?


A: You can apply for the invitation letter at the International College. A copy of your family’s valid passport will be required. The work will take 2 working days.