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Asia University’s Admission Application Regulations for International Students

Promulgated on Feb. 17, 2004 by the 1st Administration Meeting for Fiscal 2003
Approved by the Ministry of Education per Letter Tai-Wen (1) No. 0930042497 dated Mar. 31, 2004
Amended Articles 1, 5, 15, and 16 on Mar. 10, 2010 by the 10th Administration Meeting for Fiscal 2009.
Announced on Mar. 22, 2010 according to Letter No. Ya-Zhou-Mi 0990002351.

Article 1       This REGULATIONS is provided in accordance with the International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan stipulated by the Ministry of Education.

Article 2       The term International Student(s) referred in this REGULATIONS shall mean an international student who does not possess an overseas Chinese student status, has never held nationality status from the Republic of China (“R.O.C.”), and applies to undertake study in Taiwan in accordance with this REGULATIONS. An applicant concurrently holding R.O.C. nationality and foreign nationality may not apply for admission pursuant to this REGULATIONS within 8 years since approval of an annulment of R.O.C. nationality by the Ministry of the Interior. A Chinese foreigner applicant who does not hold R.O.C nationality should choose either this REGULATIONS or the Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan when applying for undertaking study in Taiwan. An applicant may be subject to either disqualification for admission granted or revocation of student status if it is proven true that the applicant has had applied for admission as an Overseas Chinese student status and as an international student.

                     The application for admission mentioned in above shall mean the School Opening Date defined by our University. Violation proven true may result in either disqualification for admission granted or revocation of student status.

Article 3  An international student with high school diploma may apply for undergraduate program; with bachelor degree may apply for graduate program; and with master degree may apply for doctorate program of our University. An international student who wishes to pursue higher education after completing a program in our University may apply so with a status equivalent to a regular domestic student of our University. However, such an applicant who has had applied for, enrolled in, and expelled by a domestic college may not apply again for our University in accordance with this REGULATIONS.


Article 4       Our University’s admission quota for international students is subject to a pro rata principle, which stipulates a maximum limit of 10 percent to the fiscal quota for domestic student admission. The fiscal admission quota available for international students may be distributed and exchanged among the departments of our University. Any decimal place in the result of quota calculation pursuant to the abovementioned pro rata principle may be rounded to integer.

Article 5      An international student apply for undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate program offered by the departments of our University should submit application form, along with the following papers, by the end of May for autumn enrollment or December for spring enrollment to the International Academic Exchange Center. Late application will be rejected.

  1. 2 copies of Application form (with 2.5-inch, hat-off ID photo);
  2. 1 copy of photocopy of the highest diploma earned in a foreign school (with Mandarin Chinese or English translation);
  3. 1 cop of Mandarin Chinese or English translation of the score report issued by the foreign school where the applicant’s highest diploma is earned (official seal affixed is required for a foreign school);
  4. 2 recommendation letters;
  5. 1 copy of health exam report issued by a hospital;
  6. 1 copy of study plan in Mandarin Chinese or English;
  7. 1 copy of financial statement (evidence to sufficient funding of study in Taiwan);
  8. 1 copy of photocopy of passport;
  9. Application fee; and
  10. 1 copy of the required paper as each department may have requested in the published application material.


The foreign school referred in above shall mean overseas Taipei Schools and Overseas Chinese Schools. The diploma referred in above issued not by an overseas Taipei School and Overseas Chinese School shall be governed by the Ministry of Education’s Guidelines for Certifying Foreign Educational Qualifications.


Upon receiving application form, the International Academic Exchange Center shall examine the completeness of the application material, and consolidate and forward those qualified application forms to the concerning departments for secondary review. The final review shall be conducted by the Recruit Committee, and the final decision to acceptance shall be left to the discretion of the president of our University. A letter of acceptance will be mailed to the accepted.

Article 6  Accepted international students should provide evidence of medical and injury insurance or National Health Insurance coverage that is valid through the study period in Taiwan. Those who do not have insurance coverage may purchase insurance at registration through our University.

Article 7      Tuition and fees for international students as required for their degree pursued or courses selected shall be governed by the regulations stipulated by our University.

Article 8      Article 8      Our University shall produce and submit to the Ministry of Education a roster of registered international students before November 30 each year, including name, nationality, year of study, and department enrolled.

                    An international student who arrives at the University after one-third of the first semester of the respective academic year will not be allowed to register for the academic year, but with approval from the dean of the respective department, an international student of graduate program may register for the second semester.

Article 9  Application for international student scholarship shall be governed separately by our University’s applicable regulations.


Article 10    A registered international student being unable to keep up with study progress due to linguistic deficiency may apply for temporary suspension and resume study afterward in accordance with our University’s applicable. Regulations.


Article 11    Our University’s International Academic Exchange Center is responsible for life and study guidance, review, and communication for registered international students. The Center will organize without pre-determined schedule guidance activities every academic year for international students and may apply for financial aid in accordance with the applicable regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Education.


Article 12    Without interfering to regular progress of teaching, departments of our University may enter into cooperation agreement with foreign schools and recruit exchange students, and may accept international students as part-time students in accordance with our University’s acceptance standard for international students. International students holding Resident Permit for Overseas Chinese may be accepted as part-time student.

  1. Part-time student is allowed to study up to one year, and international students may not apply for resident visa based on the status of part-time students;
  2. Application, registration, course selection procedure, and other concerning tasks for part-time students shall follow the same standards applicable for full-time students, and our University may issue credit-hour certificates to those who have passed the examinations at their chosen subjects;
  3. Part-time students who wish to obtain official student status after completion of part-time study should apply for admission again in accordance with Article 6 of this REGULATIONS; and
  4. Part-time students having acquired official student status at our University may waive the credits already earned at their chosen subject in accordance with our University’s credit-hour waiver regulations.


Article 13        Application, registration, course selection procedure, and other concerning tasks for international students who wish to study Mandarin Chinese at our University shall follow the same standards applicable for full-time students, and should apply for student visa from our consulate offices with the letter of acceptance after being admitted.


Article 14        International students should observe and comply with the laws of the R.O.C. as well as all regulations and rules stipulated by our University during their stays in Taiwan.

Article 15        Any issue not covered in this REGULATIONS shall be governed by the Ministry of Education’s International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan and our University’s regulations and rules.


Article 16        This REGULATIONS is promulgated with approval first from the Administrative Meeting, the president of the University, and then the Ministry of Education. Amendment of this REGULATIONS shall follow the same.