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As per the MOE regulations regarding international students undertaking studies in Taiwan: When registering with their intended institutions, new international students must attach medical and injury insurance policies, covering a valid period of no less than 6 months starting from the day when they entered Taiwan. Returning international students must attach policies regarding Taiwan national health insurance and other pertinent coverage plans. The foregoing insurance policies purchased in foreign countries must be authenticated by a Taiwan overseas representative office.


Mandatory Health Insurance

Admitted and enrolled international students must apply for the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC). According to the National Health Insurance regulations, it is mandatory that international students having an ARC must join the National Health Program after living in Taiwan for four months, and pay Health Insurance fees accordingly. Therefore, after the first semester enrollment, students need to provide a proof of four months long from any agencies and to purchase Health Insurance of two months long from the National Health program. After that, students have to purchase Health Insurance of six months long from the National Health Program every semester.