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The minimum requirement is to reach the level of CEFR B1, which is equivalent to TOEFL (ITP)460, roughly equivalent to internet-based (IBT) TOEFL 42, TOEIC 550, and IELTS level 4.0. An exemption from English proficiency certificate may be granted if applicants have earned a diploma or degree in an English-speaking country.
至少CEFR B1, 亦即TOEFL (ITP) 460,TOEFL (IBT) 42, TOEIC 550 或 IELTS level 4.0,其一即可。 若申請者最高學歷之大專院校為英文官方語言之國家則無需檢附英文語言證明。

Department/Institute English-taught Webpage Link
Department of Healthcare Administration MS PhD Healthcare link
Department of Healthcare Administration
(Psychology Specialty PhD Program)
PhD Healthcare-Psychology link
Department of Psychology MS Psychology link
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering BS MS PhD Computer Science link
Department of Business Administration MBA PhD Business Administration link
Department of Finance BF Finance link
Department of Accounting and Information Systems BA Accounting and Information Systems link
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature BA MA Foreign Languages link
Department of Digital Media Design PhD Digital Media Design link