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2024 FALL Semester Admission Application Period: 2024/01/03 - 2024/03/31
2024 秋季班申請報名時間: 2024/01/03 - 2024/03/31

Release of Admission Results 公告放榜: 2024/05/10
Admission Letters Delivered 寄送入學許可函: 2024/05/11-17
Deadline of Confirming Acceptance and Filling out Enrollment Survey確認入學意願及填寫入學問卷截止日: 2024/06/30

Documents required for application 申請應繳文件
  1. Application form attached with a 2-inch recent ID photo  
  2. Identification document 
  3. Highest-level diploma in English or Chinese from the last school you attended
    • Applicants graduating in the same year: submit a copy of the student ID showing the year of study instead. 
    • If the authentication process cannot be completed before the application deadline, a signed Affidavit for Presentation of Admission Documents must be submitted. 
    • -> Affidavit for Admission Documents.pdf
  4. Official transcript in English or Chinese from the school you attended
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Autobiography (Study plan should be included for the applicants for doctoral or Master’s programs.)
  7. One copy of the financial statement with at least US$5,000 deposit within three months
    • If the financial statement is not in the name of the applicant, a letter of affidavit from the sponsor must be included. 

      -> Financial Sponsorship from the Guarantor.pdf
    • Scholarship recipients may submit proof of award in lieu of a financial statement.
  8. Official language proficiency certificate
    • English-taught programs: a minimum score of CEFR B1 is required; that is, a minimum score of paper-based TOEFL (ITP)460, roughly equivalent to internet-based (IBT) TOEFL 42, TOEIC 550, and IELTS level 4.0. An exemption from English proficiency certificate may be granted if applicants have earned a diploma or degree in an English-speaking country.
      英文授課: 至少CEFR B1, 亦即TOEFL (ITP) 460,TOEFL (IBT) 42, TOEIC 550 或 IELTS level 4.0,其一即可。 若申請者最高學歷之大專院校為英文官方語言之國家則無需檢附英文語言證明。
    • Chinese-taught programs: TOCFL CEFR A2, New HSK Level 2 is required.
      中文授課: TOCFL、CEFR A2, 新HSK Level 2。

Tuition and Fees Standard  學雜費收退費基準

       - 亞洲大學112學年度學雜費收費標準.pdf
       - Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Charging Standards for the 112th Academic Year at Asia University.pdf
       - 亞洲大學112學年度休_退學退費標準表.pdf
       - Tuition & Fee Payment Guidelines for Junior College and University.pdf
   - 亞洲大學宿舍收費標準
       - Dormitory Fees and Charges

Results of 112 Academic Year Application  112學年度外籍生申請入學錄取名單
      - 2024 Spring Semester 2024_Admission_List__PhD.pdf
2024 Spring Semester 2024_Admission_List__Master.pdf
      - 2024 Spring Semester 2024_Admission_List__Bachelor.pdf
      - 2023 Fall Semester_Admission_List__.pdf

For more details, please refer to the Admission Application Brochure for International Students by Asia University.