AU, Quanta Computer and Changhua County Government 
Jointly Forge a Smart City

  • 2022-04-15

Professor Jeffrey J. P.Tsai, President of Asia University, led a group of AU staff, including Professor Whai-En Chen, Dean of the Office of Information and Communication Technology; Professor Ching-Hsien Hsu, Dean of the College of Information and Electrical Engineering; Professor Hwa Sheng, Dean of the College of Medical and Health Sciences; and Professor Charles C.N. Wan, Director of the Cloud Innovation School, to attend “Smart City Summit & Expo” in Taipei. President Tsai stated, “AU will work with Quanta Computer to assist Changhua County Government in “intellectualizing” the county with smart medicine, smart agriculture, and smart education.” “AU will make joint efforts,” President Tsai continued, “with the county government to improve the medical quality in the countryside, to reduce the digital divide, to encourage its young citizens to return to live and work in their hometowns, and to cultivate college students of the county to become seed teachers in this great project of university social responsibility (USR).” The three parties included in this project will sign a MOU to booster its implementation on May 1..

Mr. Ted Chang, Chief Technology Officer of Quanta Computer, introduced the company’s new products to the AU faculty, for instance, QOCA atm, which uses POD skills to integrate medical images and structured data analysis and which can provide doctors with smart clinical decisions in precision medication. He also mentioned that QOCA atm provides a cloud outpatient clinic making possible long-distance group consultation for the patients in the remote countryside. For instance, if an eye doctor is needed in a country village, the director of the health clinic can contact an eye doctor on line in a faraway city hospital. They can then start a shared consultation for the patient, overcoming the inconvenience of long-distance travel and its attendant costs.

President Tsai (left)  tested the millimeter wave radar sensor with Dr. Tien Fu Lin, Deputy Magistrate in Changhua Country Government, and Mr. Ted Chang, Chief Technology Officer of Quanta Computer.

“QOCA apc can be used in isolation wards, home health care, day care centers, as well as in community care centers and quarantine,” Ted Chang stated. For instance, a millimeter wave radar sensor can be installed in the bathroom. It gives warning signals if the senior slips while inside. President Tsai expressed keen interest in this new device for it can greatly improve the quality of care for the seniors at the AU hospital.

Regarding smart agriculture, Professor Whai-En Chen, Dean of Official? of Information and Communication Technology and Professor Jason Yi-Bing Lin, Lifetime Chair Professor at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, are now using the facilities of Quanta Computer to design meteorological sensors, which can automatically check the temperature, humidity and sunlight of tomatoes and grapes in the field.


Dr. Tien Fu Lin, Deputy Magistrate in Changhua Country Government, pointed out that the biogas residue and liquid out of pen manure is a thorny problem for environmental protection. He asked for the university’s assistance in this regard. Professor Whai-En Chen said that AU has an award-winning project, “Intelligent Pig Farm,” which uses AI techniques to monitor the health condition of the pigs and the sanitation of the pig farm. AU is more than happy to share these skills and knowledge with Changhua Country Government.

Regarding smart education, AU, in collaboration with Quanta Culture & Education Foundation, will bring an “Immersion in AI” project to over one hundred elementary schools in the county and promote the learning of programming languages through gaming. Dr.Tien Fu Lin, Deputy Magistrate of Changhua Country Government, said that the county government will pay college students from Changhua Country 20,000 NT dollars per month and encourage them to teach elementary students programming languages in the summer camp.

President Tsai (center) took a group photo with the participants.

President Tsai stated that AU will continue to implement the educational programs of AI, IoT, and Big data, and by bringing the trilateral cooperation among government, industry and the university to promote the ideal of smart medicine, smart agriculture and smart education. “This project by AU, Quanta Computer and Changhua Country Government can integrate the cultivation of talent, regional revitalization, and the university’s social responsibility, and create best result for the society in general,” he observed.