Five Deans of Asia University Visited Partner Universities in India for Academic Collaboration and Other Cooperative Activities

  • 2023-08-15
  • CIAE
這是一張圖片     Asia University (AU), Taiwan, has declared 2023 as “The Year of India.”  To launch the initiative to deepen and strengthen the academic collaboration between AU and its Indian counterparts, and subsequently to recruit more Indian students to pursue degree programs on AU campus, Asia U dispatched five deans to visit its partner universities in India.  The delegates, led by Prof. Yinghuei Chen, Dean of the International College, consisted of Prof. Jiunn-Jong Wu, Dean of the College of Medical and Health Sciences, Prof. Ching-Hsien Hsu, Dean of the College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Prof. Chun-Wei Lin, Dean of the College of Management, and Dr. Charles C.N. Wang, Dean of the Industry-Academia Collaboration Office.  The delegates set out on July 2nd for a trip of 10 days and after an official visit to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC) in New Delhi, they visited five prestigious universities in India in this order: Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), the University of Hyderabad, SASTRA University, and Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science (MITS). The delegates were warmly welcomed by the faculty and students at each university.  

     The delegates first paid a visit to TECC in India.  They were cordially received by Dr. Mu-Min Chen, Vice Representative of TECC and M這是一張圖片r. Peters Chen, TECC’s Assistant Representative and Director of the Education Division.  Vice Representative Chen in his welcome speech laid out a comprehensive road map in terms of student exchange between Taiwan and India, the attraction of Taiwan universities to Indian students, as well as the potential collaborations with Indian industries.  He emphasized that the cooperation between Taiwan and India is gaining momentum.  Currently, Taiwan has approximately 200 companies and manufacturers in India.  He also extended his invitation to Asia U to participate in the forthcoming “Taiwan EXPO in INDIA” organized by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, which is scheduled to be held in October this year.  This event would provide a golden opportunity for Asia U to showcase its quality education and to explore collaboration with Indian-Taiwanese businesses and industries, especially in talent development. 

     During the visit to JMI university, Prof. Najma Akhtar, the University Rector, and nine college deans, received the delegates from Asia U.  Rector Najma expressed her strong interest in establishing a partnership with Asia U.  She also hoped to enhance the relationship and accompanying cooperative activities with Asia U and other Taiwanese universities.  Professor Akhtar showed particular interest in Asia U's research in smart healthcare and health sciences.  

     The University of Hyderabad (UoH), located in a city often referred to as the 'Silicon Valley of India,' engaged in discussions with the Asia U delegation.  The discussion was led and presided over by Prof. Appa Rao Podile, the University Rector, and 12 college deans were invited to join.  They explored potential collaborative initiatives, including Mandarin Chinese language education, joint research projects, and exchange of ideas.  Rector Appa Rao Podile also gave his consent for participation in the “Asian President Forum” hosted by Asia University in December of this year. 

     In recent years, India has been aggressively developing its semiconductor industry.  Two years ago, Asia U initiated a tripartite collaboration with SASTRA University and Tata Electronics, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, to foster talent in the semiconductor field.  Asia U. has designed a (1+1) joint degree master program for students from SASTRA University, who have already completed one-year course work in India.  Students are sent to Asia U for their second year of study.  For this year in Taiwan they also do internships at some leading Taiwan semiconductor companies.  Currently, some 11 students from SASTRA University are studying at Asia U, and it is hoped that the number will increase to around 30 students in the coming years, extending the joint degree program to the bachelor level. 

     Asia U delegates also visited Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), which has an enrollment of more than 60,000 students.  KIIT is located in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha.  The delegates had some lively discussions with the founder of KIIT, Dr. Samanta, the current university Rector Dr. Satyendra Patnaik, and the 23 college deans.  The discussion focused on student exchange, degree programs, and other related issues. The Founder Dr. Samanta expressed his wish to invite Asia U to establish a Taiwan Education Center at KIIT.  Dr. Patnaik, former Rector of KIIT, has a daughter with a medical degree from the UK.  She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in the College of Medical and Health Sciences, Asia U. and plans to return to serve at the affiliated hospital of KIIT. The representatives from both universities also discussed collaboration opportunities in the health industry. 
     During this trip, Prof. Lin Chun-Wei and Prof. Hsu Ching-Hsien signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with MITS for collaboration in terms of student exchange and dual degree programs.這是一張圖片