Asia University Graduate Takes First Place in National Occupational Therapist Licensing Examination

  • 2023-10-15
  • CIAE
Yu-Kai Zhang, a recent graduate from Asia University's Occupational Therapy program, achieved the highest score in the 112th National Occupational Therapist Licensing Examination, securing the top position nationwide. This news brought excitement and pride to the entire department.

Student Yu-Kai Zhang attributed his success to the online course videos and materials provided by the department, as well as the free National Exam support classes offered by the university. He expressed his gratitude for Asia University's excellent National Exam guidance system and the selfless dedication of the professors.

Dr. Hung-Yu Lin, head of the Occupational Therapy program at Asia University, mentioned that despite being a relatively young department, established in 2016, they have just graduated their fourth cohort. Over the years, the pass rates for graduates inpicture 8 the National Exam have consistently exceeded 80%, far above the national average of 50%. This year, the fourth cohort had a pass rate of 82%, an exceptional achievement.

Yu-Kai Zhang was elated, upon hearing the news of his top rank. He explained that he prepared for the exam with a calm mindset, establishing a daily study routine and effective time management. Setting weekly goals and working progressively to achieve them helped him maintain a similar study approach as the one he followed during his school years.

Yu-Kai Zhang mentioned that during his time at Asia University, teachers would often highlight specific areas of focus for the National Exam within their courses. These crucial insights, or "martial arts secrets," were his guideposts for midterm and final exams in the past. When preparing for the National Exam, they proved to be immensely helpful.

Reflecting on the final stages of his preparation for the National Exam, Yu-Kai Zhang expressed his deep gratitude to the department head and professors. They went the extra mile to offer National Exam support classes, which included both in-person guidance sessions and the creation of online course videos and materials. Being able to repeatedly review these resources allowed him to strengthen his understanding of less familiar sections.

Yu-Kai Zhang also mentioned that within the department Professor Tzu-Yi Wu developed a comprehensive set of National Exam practice questions. This resource significantly boosted his preparation as it not only provided detailed answers to questions but also allowed direct referencing to the source in the textbooks. It facilitated his ability to draw connections and conduct in-depth reviews, making it an essential supplementary learning tool.

The Occupational Therapy Department at Asipicture 9a University also extended an invitation to Yu-Kai Zhang to return to the department and share his insights and personal journey of preparing for the National Exam through a seminar. This was done to guide and inspire fellow students, encouraging them to make the most of the resources provided by the department during their time at Asia University, ensuring a successful passage through the National Exam.