China Asia Associated University Entered Top 100 World Universities in THE Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022---

  • 2022-01-15

According to Times Higher Education (THE) “Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022,” China Medical University (CMU) ranked top 27 in the world, top 4 in Taiwan and top 2 in the private university sector, while Asia University (AU) ranked top 54 in the world, top 7 in Taiwan, and top 3 in the private university sector, at once laudable and well-earned academic achievements for both universities. different departments were listed as the world’s top 2% scientists recommended by the Stanford University Research Team.


THE recently released its “Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022,” and Taiwan had in total 9 universities listed as top 100 universities in the world, among which were CMU and AU, two private universities under the leadership of the same Chairman, who is visionary, innovative, and global-minded as well.

THE included institutions in countries classified by the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE Group as “advanced emerging,” “secondary emerging” or “frontier” in its “Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022.” This year only 698 universities in 50 countries were assessed and judged on their teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. Taiwan had 40 universities listed for 2022. Last year CMU was 43 and 27 this year, a jump by 16, whereas AU was 87 last year, 54 this year, a large jump by 33..

Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of both CMU and AU, also the founder of AU, was said to be very pleased with the outcome, especially with the remarkable progress the two institutions had made over the year in this University Rankings. He observed that the academic performance of the two universities was indeed an achievement in the time of the pandemic crisis, proving once again the importance of joint effort and team spirit. He wished that the two institutions will continue to thrive as a world-renowned university, especially in the age of the New Normal and Digital Technology when so many challenges are assailing institutions of higher education.

Dr. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, President of China Asia Associated University System as well as President of Asia University, pointed out that AU made significant progress this year largely thanks to two renowned subject areas in AU distinguished itself: Economy and Business, which was ranked top 152 in the world and top 2 in Taiwan, and Computer Science, which was ranked top 142 in the world and top 4 in Taiwan. In addition, AU also excels in teaching, industry-academia collaboration and international outlook. Even in the face of a shrinking student population in Taiwan, AU continues to recruit and employ distinguished and prominent scholars the world over to enhance our teaching and research capability. AU is meanwhile promoting its “AU 318” internationalization project to develop our students’ global mobility and international perspectives. As an institute of higher education, AU is fully committed to the fostering and cultivating of young talents, both domestic and overseas, for the global market.

Dr. Yinghuei Chen, Dean of the International College, also referred to the ongoing bilateral collaboration for talent cultivation between AU and its counterparts across the world, in particular in the areas of high tech such as semiconductor and bioengineering. SARTRA in India, for example, just signed a joint degree agreement in semiconductor engineering with AU to nominate each year some 25 master program students to AU, under the auspices of the TATA group, to polish and fine-tune their knowledge and skills and to gain hands-on experience through internship. Dean Chen further observed that AU is very international: AU recruits hundreds of international students each year; AU runs a Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya Indonesia, under the auspices of the Ministry of Republic of China (Taiwan); and AU hosts annual international conferences such as IEEE and higher education forum. AU will host the Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Forum in late November 2021, expecting some 110 universities on both sides to participate in the event. These impressive world university rankings came as no surprise, given AU’s aspiration for internationalization continues to advance and succeed.