Indian Congressman Sujeet Kumar Visited Asia University and Discussed Higher Education Cooperation Plans with President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai.

  • 2022-11-15

Indian Congressman Sujeet Kumar was invited by the government to Taiwan to participate in the Yushan Forum. During his 10-day visit to Taiwan after a lapse of 6 years, he specifically arranged a trip to Asia University to discuss with President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai the current status and future development of higher education cooperation between Taiwan and India. Congressman Sujeet Kumar also had a discussion with more than 30 Indian teachers and students at Asia University to learn about the current situation of Indian students studying in Taiwan and their employment prospect in Taiwan after graduation. He also took time to visit the special exhibition "Earth, Pulsing" at the Museum of Modern Art of Asia University. Congressman Kumar praised the tripartite cooperation among Asia University, Delta Electronics, Inc. and the British BBC to jointly host the exhibition and promote environmental protection, energy conservation, and carbon reduction.

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai (1st from right), Indian Congressman Sujeet Kumar (2nd from right) and Nandana Biswas, wife of former Indian Deputy Representative to Taiwan, discuss the current situation and future of Taiwan-India higher education cooperation.)  

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai reported to Congressman Sujeet Kumar that Indian students have performed very well in Asia University, especially in the fields of information and electrical engineering, semiconductors, and business administration. After graduating from Asia University, many Indian students continue to pursue their doctoral studies at National Tsing Hua University and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Quite a few Indian graduates from Asia University are employed in Hsinchu Science Park. At Asia University we have employed three Indian scholars as faculty members. During the meeting, President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai also declared that 2023 is “the Year of India", and he promised to strengthen the partnership with Indian universities. He hoped that Congressman Kumar could exert his influence and encourage more Indian students to study at Asia University.

Congressman Sujeet Kumar praised Taiwan as a vibrant democratic society with outstanding performance in high-tech fields, and Taiwan is a true friend of India. He said that more and more Taiwan enterprises are investing and establishing factories in India, and the employment opportunities for Indian students will continue to increase. Students with Chinese proficiency and expertise in professional fields have an advantage, so he also encouraged Indian students to study Chinese well during their stay at Asia University.

(From right to left) Nandana Biswas, wife of former Indian Deputy Representative to Taiwan, Ying-Hui Chen, Dean of Asia University International College, Sujeet Kumar, Member of Parliament of India, and Ting-Wei Xu, Department of Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meet with Indian teachers and students at Asia University.  

Congressman Kumar had a good discussion with Dean Yinghuei Chen of the International College, and Indian teachers and students at Asia University. The students all said that their study life at Asia University was very pleasant. The school also took good care of the students, arranged for them to visit companies, and do internships, and learned a lot of valuable practical experience. Congressman Sujeet Kumar praised Asia University for its extraordinary achievements in various academic fields and is a world-renowned university and reminded Indian students to seize the rare opportunity at Asia University and study hard.