Asia University Visited Ten Indonesian High Schools and Signed Memoranda of Understanding for Academic and Cultural Collaboration

  • 2022-12-15

Asia University’s delegation, led by Prof. Yinghui Chen, Dean of International College, went to Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Semarang in Indonesia and visited 10 public and private high schools, including SMA N1 Teladan and Padmanaba (SMA N 3) in Yogyakarta. AU signed MOUs with 6 of them for academic and cultural collaboration. The Indonesian senior high school students displayed high motivation and desire to study at Asia Univ. after a briefing session highlighting Asia Univ.’s world university rankings, its English-taught programs and superb learning environment.

Prof. Yinghuei Chen (left), Dean of International College, signed an MOU with the principal of SMA N1 Teladan in Yogyakarta.

The delegation visited SMA N1 Teladan, Padmanaba (SMA N 3) and SMA Budi Utama in Yogyakarta. Among them, SMA N1 Teladan and Padmanaba (SMA N 3) were founded by the Dutch, with a history of more than 400 years. Many Indonesian high profile governmental officials, including the national leaders and cabinet ministers, graduated from these two high schools. Moreover, SMA N1 Teledan is also an international school certified by the University of Cambridge. SMA Budi Utama is a renowned private high school, featuring instruction in three languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin Chinese, and English). SMA Budi Utama has actually a complete educational system from the kindergarten to senior high school.

Prof. Yinghuei Chen stated in his presentation session that Asia Univ. is currently hosting some 200 Indonesian students, a sure indication that Asia Univ. has a Muslim-friendly campus. Other delegation members from Asia Univ. mentioned that each college at Asia Univ. offers English-taught courses to meet the needs of their international students. The principals of the three high schools in question all agreed that Taiwan is known for its quality education and Asia Univ. provides rich learning resources and an excellent learning environment for international students. They strongly encouraged their students to study abroad at Asia Univ.

Dean Chen (6th from right) signed an MOU with SMA Budi Utama Founder by Xi-Qing, Li (5th from right).

The delegation also visited SMA Surabaya Cambridge School, SMA 17 August 1945 Surabaya, and SMA Alam Insan Mulia (SAIM) in Surabaya and they were warmly received and welcomed by the students of the three high schools. A student fluent in Mandarin Chinese expressed his desire to study at Asia Univ. and thereby to be exposed to Taiwanese culture. Principal Chen of SMA Surabaya Cambridge School stated that he would encourage his students to consider Asia Univ. as their destination for studying abroad. SMA 17 August 1945 Surabaya and SMA Alam Insan Mulia (SAIM) signed MOUs with Asia Univ. to launch the collaboration.

The delegation later visited SMA N 3 Semarang, SMA Islam Al Azhar 14 Semarang and SMA Kesatrian 2 in Semarang. SMA N 3 signed an MOU with Asia Univ. Nearly 400 high school students from SMA Kesatrian 2 expressed their high interest in the study abroad opportunities that Asia Univ. can provide.

The well-known SMA Islam Al Azhar14 is a Muslim high school with 3,810 students. In addition to fostering Muslim tenets and principles, the school also offers a variety of courses for its students. After learning about the educational resources of Asia Univ., the school invited Dean Chen to record a promotional video on the spot, so that they can share it with their students and parents for their consideration.