Asia University Takes the Lead in Integrating ChatGPT and Generating AI into Teaching & Research

  • 2023-04-15

Asia University (AU) is Taiwan's first university to encourage the use of ChatGPT and generative AI in class. It has launched a university-wise project to ensure the use of ChatGPT for teaching and meanwhile provided a series of "Generative AI" training sessions for all teachers. This semester it is reported that a total of 263 courses has used ChatGPT in class, and some teachers even use ChatGPT for their midterm exams. Quick to respond to this innovative technology development, AU also organized the first ChatGPT forum in Taiwan, entitled "2023 ChatGPT Adaptation and Innovation in Higher Education and Industrial Development," to highlight the necessity and significance of change in higher education.

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai leads AU faculty and students to promote the integration of ChatGPT and generative AI into teaching and research.  

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai of Asia University observes that AU actively promotes the integration of ChatGPT and generative AI into education so that students can learn the wide range of applications of AI as early as possible. Professor Ta-Cheng Chen, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs at Asia University, states that each department has held its ChatGPT seminars to discuss the development of this new teaching aid and to share their experiences with each other.

President Tasi took a group photo with the invited speakers in the "2023 ChatGPT Adaptation and Innovation in Higher Education and Industrial Development" forum.  

To take the lead in applying this new technology to teaching and research, AU has recently held a series of ChatGPT seminars which include: On March 6, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted the first ChatGPT workshop and ChatGPT application in teaching for all of its faculty members. On March 25, the College of Management hosted a ChatGPT workshop to discuss how to use ChatGPT in innovative thinking, how to integrate technology into education, and how to successfully boost students' learning efficiency and management capacity. On March 29, the College for Creative Studies held a "Generative AI Design Teaching Workshop" as a response to the transformation of generative AI education and the implementation of generative AI drawing by the Kinoshita Japanese animation company. From April 6 to 8, the College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science hosted a conference entitled the "2023 Generative AI Education Technology and Application Workshop". The issues include AI theory, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, image processing, artificial intelligence applications, and generative AI. Several AI experts were invited to give speeches to help students better learn to use this new AI technology. On March 29 and April 12, the College of Medical and Health Sciences hosted two ChatGPT online sharing sessions. Teachers at the school demonstrated how to use ChatGPT in such classes as   "Health and Disease Prevention," "Rehabilitation," and "Vision and Perception." On April 11, the College of Nursing co-hosted the "Generative AI Virtual Patient Teaching Plan Development Workshop" with HTC, a brand-name ICT company. ChatGPT was utilized to generate the clinical consultation and evaluation of patients who seek medical treatment.On March 29 and April 2, the Centre for General Education hosted two online "ChatGPT Integration into General Education Course” workshops. A number of senior professors were invited to demonstrate how to assist students in asking appropriate questions to ChatGPT.