ICIC2022 Call for Papers

  • 2022-04-11
  • 李傳慧
The Tunghai University International College is pleased to announce the International Conference on International Colleges, to be held at the International College on June 24, 2022.  Recent decades have seen the emergence of a new educational phenomenon: international colleges, where degree-seeking students from diverse national backgrounds gather to study side by side, in English.  International colleges present opportunities and challenges that set them apart from traditional degree programs.  ICIC2022 will provide a forum for the exchange of relevant knowledge and ideas.
We invite all researchers, practitioners, and students, to submit abstracts for this unique event.  
They welcome submissions for oral presentations related to the teaching of professional content courses, liberal arts instruction, the sustainability of “international education,” and any other topic of interest. Students are encouraged to submit their ideas for our poster sessions.  For more information, see the attached Call for Papers. Questions can be addressed to them at icic2022@thu.edu.tw.