Asia University and Taichung City Government Signed a Contract to Develop the “Taichung City FengFu Project” into a Multifunctional Theme Park, Aiming to Commence its Operation by 2028

  • 2023-08-15
  • CIAE
   這是一張圖片   Asia University (AU), Taiwan, and Taichung City Government signed a land lease agreement to develop the FengFu Project into a multifunctional theme park and commence its operation by 2028.  The signing ceremony was held at the YangMing Building of the Taichung City Government on August 2, with hundreds of national, municipal, and universities representatives attending the event. 

      The signing ceremony was hosted by Mark K. Huang, Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, Tsun-Chin Wu, Director of the Land Administration Bureau of Taichung City Government, Feng-Yuan Chang, Director of the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City, and Prof. Chang-Hai Tsai, Founder and Chairman of Asia U.
Deputy Mayor Huang observed in his opening remarks that, judging from Asia University's excellent performance in founding its affi這是一張圖片liation hospital--Asia University Hospital--in Wufeng, he was convinced that the “FengFu Project” will undoubtedly be a great success. Founder and Chairman Tsai stated “We will bring education, medical services, and the healthcare industry to the FengFu Park.”, It is estimated that we will create more than 2000 job opportunities, driving the development of Fengyuan district.  Prof. Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, President of Asia U added that  “after the establishment of Asia Unversity Hospital, we have once again fulfilled our  University Social Responsibility (USR) and we will continue to dedicate our efforts along this line.”
       Deputy Mayor Huang observed that the “FengFu Project” is a significant and forward-looking project, and the local residents are grateful and full of high expectations.  On behalf of the city government, he would like to extend his gratitude to the Asia U team for their dedication.  In the past, the Wufeng district, where Asia University is located, served as the seat of the Provincial Council, which meanwhile symbolized prosperity and a rich cultural background.  Unfortunately, it experienced a decline after the provincial government was dissolved.  In recent years, due to the establishment of Asia University and its affiliation hospital, the region has witnessed a remarkable revitalization, bringing prosperity and international recognition to the Wufeng District, Taichung City, and Taiwan as a whole.  Asia U's achievements go beyond its continuous rise in global university rankings, including its initiatives such as hosting Nobel Laureates Forum, the establishment of the Asia University Museum of Modern Art (designed by the world-renowned architect Tadao Ando).  It is believed that these experiences can be replicated in the 'FengFu Project' as well.

      Founder & Chairman Tsai pointed out that Asi這是一張圖片a University was established in 2000, the very year when a major and devastating earthquake hit Taiwan and Asia U faced the challenge of the 921 earthquake during its establishment.  At that time, many people advised him not to establish a university in Wufeng, saying that the future of Wufeng didn't seem promising.  However, with a commitment to serving Taichung City, he went ahead and founded Asia U.  Over the past two decades, Asia U has consistently been ranked within the top 500 in global university rankings. In the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Asia U was ranked 384th globally and 4th in Taiwan. This demonstrates its ongoing progress toward becoming a world-class international university.  Moreover, we have Asia University Hospital, Asia University Veterinary Hospital, and Asia University Museum of Modern Art.

      Founder & Chairman Tsai further observed that he is implementing the ' FengFu Project' with a grateful heart, planning the construction of three main buildings: a hospital, an integrated long-term care institution, and a public childcare center. These buildings will offer medical care, long-term care, industry-academia collaboration, and biotechnology industry support. Among them, the hospital will have 350 general acute care beds, the integrated long-term care facility will accommodate 200 residents and provide daycare for 30 individuals.  Given the relatively insufficient medical and long-term care resources in the area, Asia U is willing to provide the best medical care services.  He also plans to leverage the resources of China Medical University, combining education, medical services, and the healthcare industry to reach a global scale.

       Legislator Chi-Chen Chiang stated, “We've been waiting for this moment for a long time!”  He has been a national legislator for 12 years, and the “FengFu Project” has been a case he has been eagerly anticipating since the first one he swore into his office.  The project has a significant and symbolic value for a mountainous area like Fengyuan.  Fengyuan has remained a crucial city for the development of the sports industry, and he hopes the project will be able to attract investments and talent. This marks an important beginning for the next phase of the development in Fengyuan.  Ching-Fen Chang, a city councilor member remarked, “This is the most anticipated event in my 46 years of political life. The establishment of Asia U here has fulfilled my dream of having a university in Fengyuan.”

       President Tsai observed, “In preparation for the operation of the 'FengFu Project' in 5 years, Asia University is actively recruiting and nurturing high-quality specialists to be ready for service when the time comes. For Asia University students, this will serve as a place for internships and employment across all six colleges of the university, fulfilling Asia University's commitment to USR and its service to society in general.這是一張圖片