Asia University Hosted 2022 MC & WASN International Conference

  • 2022-09-15

Asia University hosted the 2022 MC&WASN conference and a total of 100 papers and 98 research project results in computer science and information engineering were presented. Professor Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, President of Asia University (AU), was invited to deliver a speech on the “smart campus.”

Professor Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, President of AU, introduced AUtalk, the smart campus platform of Asia University, and shared the achievements of AU’s smart campus infrastructure.

Asia University and National Ilan University co-organized the 26th Mobile Computing Workshop (MC) and the 17th Workshop on Wireless, Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks (WASN) on AU campus. The conference attracted many scholars and experts from industry, government, and academia to present their papers and to share their experience and expertise with all the participants.

Today, 5G and IoT technologies are generally applied in different fields. However, whether it is 5G network connectivity, IoT platform, cloud and edge management, or information security, we still need to do more intensive research on their respective innovative applications and smart services. In addition, WASN 2022 provides an opportunity for experts, scholars and graduate students who are interested in Wireless, Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks to present their latest research results and exchange research ideas.

Presenters include (first row from left to right) Ching-Hsien Hsu, Dean of Information and Electrical Engineering, AU, Zhong-Qiong Xiao, director, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, W. J. Chen, Vice-president of National Ilan University, Professor Josh H. C. Chao, president of National Dong Hwa University and Whai-En Cheng, Director of OICT, AU

Professor Jang-Ping Sheu from National Tsing Hua University and Professor Yu-Chee Tseng, Dean of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University mentioned that mobile communication and wireless network are developing rapidly. The cross-domain application of 5G and the IoT to the field of smart agriculture and precision medication have already yielded significant advances after the pandemic.

In his keynote speech, President Tsai introduced AUtalk, the smart campus platform of Asia University, to all the participants. Professor Josh H. C. Chao, president of National Dong Hwa University, also presented the R&D result of AI and IoT on his campus. Zhong-Qiong Xiao, Director, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, discussed the promotion and development of smart agriculture and shared some cases of ICT application in different fields. Wen-Long Liang, CEO of Jorjin Technologies Inc., shared the use of AR/MR smart glasses in metaverse world.Dr. Zhu Han, an internationally known scholar and professor at the University of Houston, gave an inspiring talk on "Hybrid Quantum and Classic Computing for Future Networking".

Dr. Ya-Wen Zheng from the Department of Early Childhood Education and Shi-Jie Yin, Executive Assistant to CEO of Quanta Culture & Education Foundation, are introducing the "YouYuzhi Project” outside the venue.

Outside the conference venue, a mini-exhibition was held to show their products and research findings. National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University displayed its AIoT open-source base, Jorjin Technologies Inc. its AR smart glasses and Asia University demonstrated the result of cooperation with Changhua County Government and Quanta Culture & Education Foundation’s “YouYuZhi” project. AgriTalk Technology Inc. showed the tripartite agricultural cooperation achievements in the Farmers Association with the Changhua County Government, Quanta Culture & Education Foundation, and Asia University.

Professor Whai-En Cheng reported that the "YouYuzhi Project” has gained a great success. Using the Quno Beta version and Qblock provided by Quanta Culture & Education Foundation, we can create such efficient projects as mini supermarkets, parking lot management systems, magic music, and a pandemic prevention treadmill. To continue this cooperation, Quanta Culture & Education Foundation signed a new "YouYuzhi Project 2.0” with Asia University. The project will continue to stimulate the interest of elementary school students in central Taiwan in programming languages.