Asia University Actively Engaged in Global Mobility

  • 2022-08-15

Asia University (AU), Taiwan, is promoting internationalization and has recruited many international students in recent years. This summer, the university offered 11 English-taught courses and attracted 948 college students from 46 universities in 12 countries including the UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain and India. Prof. Yinghui Chen, Dean of the International College, said that as the new semester starts in September, more than 600 international students will come to AU to work on their degrees. AU is becoming increasingly popular among international students.

International students at Asia University wearing traditional clothes from their own countries in a cultural festival

In response to the “New Southbound Policy” proposed by the government and executed by the Ministry of Education in terms of talent cultivation, AU recruits 17 Indian students to study in its "Elite Semiconductor Program," and 17 Indonesian students coming with the Indonesian International Vocational Student Mobility Awards (IISMAVO), sponsored by the Indonesian government. Moreover, 20 other international students are coming to AU in the new semester with the prestigious "Taiwan Scholarships," sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

Dean Chen emphasized that this year the Indonesian government sent 71 students in total under its ISSMAVO Program to study in 10 universities in Taiwan and as many as 17 Indonesian students chose AU as their most favored university. AU turns out to be the most popular university among Indonesian students who intend to study abroad.

AU endorses a “318 international mobility program,” which, among many things, also encourages its students to study abroad. In the past three years, AU has received four separate study abroad subsidies from the Ministry of Education, and a total of more than 1,000 students went to study as exchange students or interns in Europe, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia and other countries. Last year, AU’s College of Management was selected as a "bilingual education college" by the Ministry of Education. As expected, there will be more students going to study overseas in the coming years. To prepare students to study abroad, AU offers free intensive English programs to help them improve their English ability.