105 Students from Asia University Won the Research Grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  • 2022-07-15

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) just released the list of this year’s research grants for College Students and AU was listed as the No. 8th university in terms of the number of student projects among 160 universities in Taiwan. For the past six consecutive years, AU has had more than 100 student projects funded annually by the MOST, thereby encouraging and motivating AU undergraduates to do research under the guidance of their professors.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) just released the list of this year’s search grants for College Students and AU is ranked No.8 among 160 universities in Taiwan 

Prof. Mei-chin Yin, Dean of Office of Research and Development, said that AU performed well in most of the university ranking systems in recent years. This year, 14 AU professors were selected to be among the World’s Top 2% scientists by Stanford University. AU students are privileged to have their supervision and guidance in doing research.

For this year’s awardees, Ms. Yu-xuan Chang from the Department of Physical Therapy; Ms. Xiu-ting Lin from the Department of Business Administration; Ms. Yu-Zhu Xiao from the Department of Fashion Design; and Mr. Yun-Tzu, Tsai from the Department of Financial & Economic Law, have received the grants for two consecutive years.

The major criteria for MOST’s College Student Research Grants include the significance of research topic; feasibility of research method; professors’ research capability, and students’ academic performance. Prof. Mei-chin Yin, further stated that AU professors’ dedication and commitment to guide their students play a key role in winning so many funding supports from the MOST these years. “AU will continue to promote this program,” she said, “and to benefit more students in preparing themselves to develop their research interests and potential.”