AU Students Received the "Best Creativity Award" in the 2023 Audit Competition

  • 2023-06-15

The team " Visiting Beautiful Flowers " consists of five students from the Information Management Department at Asia University, namely Ting-Ju Lin, Yu-En Chen, Wan-Chi Wu, Chien-Ling Cheng, Yu-Chan Chang. They participated in the "2023 National College Computer Audit Case Competition, " focused on salary calculation and disbursement as their audit topic. The studentsdiscovered some surprising discrepancies where the accounting staff's salary payments exceeded the payable amount, raising suspicions of embezzlement. Furthermore, their investigation also identified issues related to understaffing, leading to a significant increase in overtime costs and abnormal rise in personnel expenses. Their findings impressed the judges and earned them the "Best Creativity Award."

Yu-En Chen(left) and Ting-Ju Lin(right) presenting the computer auditing case report.  

The competition was organized by Computer Auditing Association Taiwan (R.O.C.), Institute of Internal Auditors, and Taiwan Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The judging panel consisted of Ta-Min Wenthe inspectors of National Audit Office; Yi-Ju Chen, Vice president of KPMG in Taiwan; Ching-Ju Yao, Vice president of PwC Taiwan; Ethan Hou, Vice president of Deloittle Taiwan; and Tsung-Tse Huang, secretary-general of Computer Auditing Association R.O.C.

The teams were evaluated based on their understanding of internal control and auditing concepts, data analysis skills, technical proficiency, ability to articulate conclusions, project contribution, and overall performance.

Ling-Yi Chou, professor of Accounting and Information Systems Department observed that this year's competition attracted nearly 100 accounting students from various colleges and universities across the country, forming 12 teams to participate. The audit topic focused on the internal control processes in hospital human resources management, specifically examining the internal control deficiencies related to personnel hiring, retirement, salary calculation, and disbursement. The goal was to identify the reasons behind the abnormal increase in personnel costs during the fourth quarter of the hospital. The participating students were required to integrate their knowledge and skills in auditing, computer auditing, internal control, and audit practices. They utilized computer-assisted audit techniques to identify any unusual transactions or discrepancies. By availing themselves of these tools and techniques, they sought to uncover any irregularities or anomalies in the audit process.

The team from the Information Management Department utilized the computer auditing software ACL, which they learned in class, to perform a payroll cycle audit. They focused on the calculation and disbursement of salaries as their audit topic. By conducting data reconciliation and comparison, they uncovered suspicions of embezzlement by the accounting staff and identified issues related to understaffing that led to a significant increase in overtime costs. Their exceptional work earned them the "Best Creativity Award."

(from left to right) Ting-Ju Lin, Chien-Ling Cheng, Yu-En Chen, Wan-Chi Wu, Yu-Chan Chang received the Best Creativity Award. Group photo with Vice president Yao (the third from left).  

Professor Chou pointed out that this competition tested students' ability to think critically, to apply technical skills, and to solve problems when dealing with computer auditing issues. It provided an excellent platform for both practical and academic exchange, offering students insights into their future career development. The award-winning students can consider pursuing careers in computer auditing, as both government agencies and large accounting firms are in need of such talented individuals.