AU Students Won Four "2022 American Architectural Master Awards"

  • 2022-11-15

Three students from the Department of Interior Design of Asian University participated in the "2022 American Architectural Master Prize" (AMP) interior design competition, and garnered four awards. Shao-Xuan Qiu and Wei-Yun Xu's "Touch-Home for the Blind" won two prizes in "Interior Design of Apartment" and " House Interior Design". Wei-Xiang Zeng and Yun-Yu Liao's "Good Home Re: Friendship, Furniture, and Regeneration" won the "Interior Design of Exhibition" award; Yun-Xuan Li 's "Toji-Sake Museum" won the "Commercial Interior Design" award.

Shao- Xuan Qiu and Wei-Yun Xu won two prizes in "Interior Design of Apartment" and "Interior House Interior Design" at the same time

The organizer of the AMP competition, the Famani Group, also hosts the International Design Awards (IDA), the International Photography Awards, the Paris Photo Contest, and the London International Creative Competition. The goal of the AMP competition is to recognize individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to the field of architecture worldwide. It accepts works from the architects across the globe, and the prizes are divided into two categories: student and professional.

Professor Chi-Hsiung Chen, Vice President of Asia University and Dean of the College for Creative Design, remarked that the "American Architectural Master Award Competition" is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, as the second-class international competition in the category of architecture and landscape design. Our students participated in the international design competition through the support of the college. Their hard work and outstanding performance eventually paid off. Sheng-Cheng Shih, Chair of the Department of Interior Design, said that his Department supports and encourages students to participate in all types of international competitions, so that they can gain global experience and become international designers.

Wei-Xiang Zeng and Yun-Yu Liao won the "Interior Design of Exhibition" award

Instructor Chia-Hui Lin observed that the students have integrated the concept of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) into their award-winning works. In their design, they also realize that sustainability includes not only environmental protection, but also social equality, the gap between the rich and the poor, and economic growth, etc. Instructor Shih-Yuan Liu said that his students can make good use of what they have learned from the classes and apply creatively smart technology to their designs. He can see students’ personal growth, transformation, and the learning effects from their works.Shao-Xuan Qiu and Wei-Yun Xu’s “Touch-Home for the Blind” highlights the importance of touch of the visually impaired in their daily life. It helps improve the lives of the disabled citizens.

Wei-Xiang Zeng and Yun-Yu Liao's "Good Home Re: Friendship, Furniture, Regeneration" is a renovation center for used furniture. They said that they are looking for inspiration from life and solving existing problems in their designs, since a good design always emerges from life.

Yun-Xuan Li won the "Commercial Interior Design" award

Yun-Xuan Li 's " Toji-Sake Museum " brings smart technology into the space design of the sake museum by introducing the classification of the aroma and the taste of sake so that wine tasters can enjoy the best drinking experience through the most suitable drinking temperature and utensils.