AU International Students of Asia University spent a joyful Lunchtime with the President, Jeffrey Tsai

Asia University, Taiwan – The President of Asia University, Jeffrey Tsai arranged a meeting with all the international students on October 26, 2016, and showed his cordial welcome to the international students currently studying in our university. Moreover, President Tsai highlighted the equal importance of the 6 core aspects that students should pay extra attention to: personality cultivation, attitude enhancement, academic achievement, skill development, working experience, and interpersonal relationships.

Prof. Chen, Dean of International College, also introduced current courses on Vietnamese and Indonesian languages in the overall language curriculum. Such courses provide both international and domestic students a valuable chance to better understand and appreciate the languages as well as the cultures of Southeast Asia.  Dean Chen also mentioned that in the near future the International College would aim for hiring international students working on their Ph.D. degrees to offer courses on other Southeast Asian languages, so as to increase the international mobility of the local students as well as to enhance the interaction between domestic and international students.

Some students in the meeting expressed the warm hospitality they have received from Asia University since their arrival to the campus, and hoped for more and diverse Taiwan Host family Programs in the future. Some of the students also offered some constructive feedback and made some requests to the president. The students were delighted because the president not only answered their inquiries patiently one after one but also granted most of the requests.

At the end of the meeting, President Tsai wholehearted wished that all the international students could empower themselves with the diverse university resources and enrich their lives while pursuing their degrees at Asia University.