Chinese-taught Programs

All of the following programs are conducted in Chinese. International degree and/or non-degree students with proficiency at or above minimum requirement, i.e. TOCFL Level 3 or HSK Level 4, are eligible and welcome to choose Chinese-taught program for study.

Department/Institute 系所Bachelor 學士
Master 碩士PhD 博士
Healthcare Administration 健康產業管理學系BachelorMasterPhD
Health and Nutrition Biotechnology 食品營養與保健生技學系BachelorMaster
Biotechnology 生物科技學系BachelorMaster
Psychology 心理學系Bachelor
Nursing 護理學系Bachelor
Optometry 視光學系
Bioinformation and Medical Engineering 生物資訊與醫學工程學系BachelorMasterPhD
Computer Science and Information Engineering 資訊工程學系BachelorMaster
M-Computer and Multimedia Applications 行動商務與多媒體應用學系BachelorMaster
Inforamtion Communications 資訊傳播學系BachelorMaster
Business Administration 經營管理學系BachelorMasterPhD
Leisure and Recreations Nanagement 休閒與遊憩管理學系BachelorMaster
Accounting and Information Systems 會計與資訊學系BachelorMaster
Finance 財務金融學系BachelorMaster
Finance of Economic Law 財經法律學系Bachelor
Foregin Languages and Literature 外國語文學系BachelorMaster
Social Work 社會工作學系BachelorMaster
Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育學系Bachelor
Digital Media Design 數位媒體設計學系BachelorMasterPhD
Visual Communication Design 視覺傳達設計學系BachelorMaster
Creative Product Design 創意商品設計學系Bachelor
Fashion Design 時尚設計學系Bachelor
Interior Design 室內設計學系Bachelor