Why Asia University

Why Asia University

■ Significant Achievements

Asia University, though young, has created a tremendous breakthrough in developments of academic, teaching and administrative performances in the last decade. Multiple honors as follows right proved our efforts:

*Being ranked the 83th in 2014 THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking of 100 Best Asia Universities —Asia University (AU) is ranked the 83th in the 2014 ranking of Asia universities of THE (Times Higher Education) ranking in UK. Totally 13 universities in Taiwan enters the top 100, with AU as the 2nd in Taiwan.

*Being ranked the 99th in 2013 THE (Times Higher Education) ranking of 100 best universities under 50 years in the world —Asia University (AU) is ranked the 99th in the 2013 World’s top 100 universities under 50 years old selected by the THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking in UK. Only 4 universities from Taiwan enters the list, and AU is the only private university in the four.

*Being granted honored projects of university teaching excellence for 11 years consecutively —With outstanding teaching achievements, Asia University was granted by the Ministry of Education “projects of university teaching excellence” for 11 years starting from 2006, which is a great honor because no other newly-established university has obtained such projects.

*Being ranked No. 53 in 2013 Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings —Asia University (AU) claims the 53th place in the 2013 university ranking of BRICS & Emerging Economies released by the Times Higher Education (UK). Totally 21 universities in Taiwan were ranked in the top 100, with AU as the 10th in Taiwan which is really a miracle for a young school like AU.
*Students and faculty members winning a great number of world-famous design and invention awards in recent five years (2009-2014) —In the past four years (2009-2013) since the College of Creative Design was established, students and faculty members from the College of Creative Design and other departments have won 55 gold, 62 silver, 40 bronze, and 18 special awards from world-competitive design/invention contests, including 17 from the famous iF and Red Dot awards (among which 3 are Bests of the Best). Especially, the number of iF awards won by AU ranked as the 29th in the world in the 2014 ranking.
*Establishment of a Nobel Laureate Forum —Starting from 2010, Asia University has established a “Nobel Laureate Forum”, and so far has invited 12 Nobel laureates and 7 world-famous scholars to give speeches at Asia University, inspiring students and faculty members to “see higher and longer” on their careers of academia.
*Uniting recently with China Medical University to form a stronger union — China-Asia Associated University (CA2) —Being long-time cooperation partners, the two universities, AU and China Medical University become a union in 2012, promoting further sharing of teaching and research resources and exchanges of academic results to yield higher global competitiveness in higher education.
*Continuing efforts paid to promotion of internationalization —Asia University continuously promotes its efforts in internationalization, having 71 sister universities all over the world in 2012. Within about 5 years the number of foreign students grows from about two dozens up to 250. Intensive academic exchanges with the sister universities are also being conducted al the time.

*Being evaluated to be the best new university in 2005, all degree programs passing assessment in 2008, and being evaluated to have the best achievement in the second university accreditation conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2011 —In the 2005 university assessment conducted by the Ministry of Education, AU was ranked No. 1 in the 3rd group of universities. All the degree programs, including the undergraduate, the master, and the Ph. D. levels, passed the strict assessment conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2008 — another great achievement of a university in Taiwan because very few universities can get all degree programs to pass the assessment. And finally, this university was evaluated to have the best achievement in the second university accreditation conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2011.
*An incomparable award-winning elegant and artistic campus having been constructed —Asia University continuously constructs buildings with elegant Greek or Romanian styles. The design of the campus won a National Award for Outstanding Construction in 2009. Also, in 2013 the Asia Modern Art Museum with its architecture designed by the world-famous architect Mr. Tadao Ando was elected nationally as one of the 10 prettiest Campus Scenic Spots in Taiwan.
*Five Ph. D. degree programs being approved by the Ministry of Education in a short period —With the strong faculty and well-organized curricula, Asia University has been approved to establish five Ph. D. degree programs (Computer Science, Healthcare Administration, Bioinformatics, Business Administration, and Digital Media Design) by the Ministry of Education in nine years. This is also a great honor and a new record for universities.
*Being promoted to the university level with a speed record —In 2005, owing to excellence in education achievements, this school, originally a college, was promoted by the Ministry of Education to be the university level named “Asia University” with a new record of speed in Taiwan (taking only 4 years).

*Outstanding professors gathering together to form a strong faculty like a miracle —With the university’s reputation raised day by day, outstanding professors join AU quickly like a miracle. So far, there are more than sixty full professors in 2013 (half of them being chair professors) which is a fifth of the entire faculty. Furthermore, more than 80% of the faculty members are now assistant professors or higher with PhD degrees, rivaling the faculty qualities of most national universities in Taiwan.