AU Newsletter Vol. 005

President Jeffrey J. P. Tsai’s Speech at Asia University’s 20th Anniversary

Dear Mayor of Taichung City- Shiow-Yen Lu, Founder of Asia University- Chang-Hai Tsai, Founder of Giant Bicycle- King Liu, President of China Medical University, Mien-Chie Hung, Members of the Board of Trustees at Asia University-  Tina Lin, Victor Ma, and Tsung-Yao Lin, Advisor of the Board- Wen Xuan Zheng, Superintendent of China Medical University Hospital- Der Yang Cho, Honorary Chair Professors of Asia University- Mao-Lin Shih, Chih-Liang Yaung, and  Wen-Hsiang Tsai, Superintendent of Asia University Hospital- Yung-Hsin Hsu, Director of the Department of Education of Taichung City Government- Chen-Sheng Yang, Principal of National Changhua Girls’Senior High School- Hsiang-Yun Chen, Distinguished …more

Digital Learning Will Become New Normal in Education

As an event as part of the 20th anniversary of Asia University, the conference on “The Challenge and Opportunity of the Digital Learning in the Age of Post-Covid-19” was held on March 19, 2021, which Vice President Lai Ching-te attended and where he delivered an important speech on the national policy on digital learning for higher education in the age of globalization. Digital learning will become a “new normal” after the pandemic. He is delighted to see Asia University applying the digital skills to the areas of smart learning, smart medication and smart university instruction.  In support of the government’s “Smart …more

Nursing Students Win a Gold Medal of “2020 Cochrane Empirical Medicine Microfilm Competition”

AU Students from the Department of Nursing outshone others in the “2020 Cochrane Empirical Medicine Microfilm Competition,” organized by Wiley and Shou Ray Information Service Co., Ltd.  Zu-Er Zhang, Yu-Shan Huang and Ci-Min Lai won a gold medal for their work entitled “One-day Street Visit of a Cochrane Commissioner,” and Yi-nong Lin and Yong-xiang Yao won a masterpiece award for their work, “Hangover.” Prof. Hua-Shan Wu, Dean of the College of Nursing at AU, said that Evidence-based Nursing (EBN) is the trend in the nursing profession. Students have to learn to find the best literature from huge medical databases and ……more

AU Launched an On-line Taiwan Education Fair for Indonesian Students

Asia University launched an On-line Taiwan Education Fair in Taichung for Indonesian students on March 27, 2021. Indonesia is an important partner to Taiwan in many fields, including academic cooperation in higher education.  As of this writing, we have 13,804 Indonesian students studying in Taiwan, the 3rd largest group of international students. Taiwan is a technologically advanced nation and excels in quality teaching and innovative research.  Taiwan is also a Muslim-friendly country, with a free, democratic, and prosperous society, which creates further incentive for Indonesian students to choose Taiwan as their primary destination for studying abroad.  There is a strong …more