AMC Listed as the Key Cultivation College for Bilingual Education

Asia Management College (AMC) was selected as one of the key cultivation colleges in MOE’s Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College (BEST) , as MOE announced the list on Sept. 2, 2021.  Asia University will receive a sum of NT$. 8,470,000 for the first year and a total of NT$. 47,850,000 for five consecutive years.

AMC Building.

To strengthen the competitiveness of the nation in this age of globalization, the Ministry of Education aims to restructure Taiwan as a bilingual nation by 2030.  English language ability becomes one of the key elements in this mission.  MOE selected four universities and 41 colleges as the bases for this English cultivation purpose. AMC is on the list for its quality programs and its long-time experience in EMI (English as a medium of instruction) teaching.

Professor Ying-huei Chen, Dean of International College and director of the Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research, also the principal investigator of this BEST project at Asia University, states that there are 33 EMI degree programs offered for AU’s international students.  The number is the largest among 160 Taiwan universities.

Chun-Wei Lin, Dean of the College of Management, mentions that AMC has strongly promoted international dual-degree programs since 2020 and that all the courses are taught in English to accommodate the increasing numbers of international students in his college.  He also points out that this “Bilingual Education Program,” together with the learning quality assurance of AACSB, will greatly benefit AMC students in terms of their international liaisons and professional development in the future.