International Space Design Organization “Idea-Tops” Cooperates with Asia University

The Department of Interior Design at Asia University (AU) cooperates with the international space design organization “Idea-Tops” recently, and holds together the Taiwan-area Contest in Asia Museum of Modern Art at AU, which was opened on June 8 by AU former Vice President Yu-Dong Liu, Idea-Tops Committee Chairman Qing-Xiang Zhao, President of Taiwan Association of Interior Designers Ming-Chuan Wang, and Honorary President of Kaohsiung Association of Interior Designers and Art Chuan-Jie Zeng.

The Idea-Tops Award is one of the important awards in the design circle in Asia. Many designers try to win such an award. Professor Yu-Dong Liu said, “The Department of Interior Design at AU is worth of the fame without doubt.” He encouraged students to take this chance to learn by participating the contest of Idea-Tops. In addition, Idea-Tops Committee Chairman Qing-Xiang Zhao said, “Idea-Tops not only praises those excellent designers but also provides a platform to let all designers share their ideas, hoping that this platform will help those designers to step in the international design world and to become famous in the circle.”

The Department of Interior Design at AU invited a winner of 2014 Idea-Tops Award, Jhong-Syuan Hong, to share his experience in the opening ceremony. At the beginning, he showed his work of designing the Sanya Hotel. For showing the respect of nature, the outside of the hotel was designed with a wooden style while the inside was designed in a classical glamourous fashion. But then he also showed another work of his at the Wanda Hotel & Resorts with a Chinese style. All the students were stunned by his varied designing styles.

The chair of the Department of Interior Design at AU, Yuan-Rong Li, hopes that the students’ international horizon can be widened and be more competitive in the world through this opportunity of participating this design contest.