Degas’ exhibition takes place in Asia Museum of Modern Art at AU

Asia Museum of Modern Art at Asia University (AU) is now exhibiting 74 pieces of sculpture by the renowned French Impressionist Edgar Degas. Rui-Xian Chen, a famous architect, was invited to be the director of spatial planning for the exhibition. He worked with Jun-Liang Chen, an art designer who was once involved in the work of remodeling the cabins of new aircrafts for China Airlines, to create a space for the sculpture to be appreciated from any angle in accordance with what Tadao Anto hoped to present when designing the triangle building of the Museum. It is definitely worthwhile for people to visit the exhibition to appreciate the sculpture works by the Western impressionist and in the meantime experience the design by the Eastern spatial masters during holidays.

Rui-Xian Chen is the only Taiwanese who was selected to be the “Most Powerful Architect in Asia” for three times. Following the Eslite Bookstore, the Sanxitang Teahouse at the National Palace Museum, and the installation art “Si Shu Xi,” he has just finished the design of 777-300ER cabin for China Airlines. Chen defines himself as a “spatial interpreter” who integrates the Eastern humanities and Taiwanese features properly into the environmental design that touches the human nature. The other designer Jun-Liang Chen, one of the top 10 designers of the Tang Prize, specializes in spreading the innovative essence of Chinese culture and making it fit in with the spirit of modern times.20150121-2

Mei-Ling Lee, Director of Asia Museum of Modern Art, said that two of the top spatial and visual designers in Taiwan worked together for Degas’ exhibition to create a display space that stimulates visual senses and attracts the focus of attention best. The rhythmic movement of three sculpture topics “Dancers and Ballerinas,” “Horses and Horse Racing,” and “Female Bodies” were presented by means of triangle pedestals of fake concrete along with black forged steel frames in nine showrooms at the museum. In addition, the showroom of the sculpture “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” was set with both artificial and natural lights as well as curtains, creating the effect as if the little dancer was going on stage from the ballet studio.

Director Lee also pointed out that the result of spatial interpretation also stood out in the selection of the showroom material. The written description of the exhibited works was shown on the transparent glass that was like a screen to penetrate and connect space. The clear traffic flow opened up the sense of space in the exhibition hall, which is perfectly merged with the atmosphere of the bare concrete construction designed by Tadao Ando.

20150121-1The exhibition “Degas, a Lonely Artist Gazing through Bustling Life” has taken place since Oct. 24, 2014 in Asia Museum of Modern Art at AU and will last till Aug. 2, 2015. It is the first international exhibition in Taiwan for the French Impressionist Degas, and the 74 pieces of sculpture are the only set in Asia. The famous aesthetics master Xun Chiang was invited to be the chief director of the exhibition, planning topics including “The Time of Edgar Degas,” “Dancers and Ballerinas,” “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen,” “Horses and Horse Racing,” “Female Bodies,” as well as “Degas and Impressionists.” Based on the concept of educational exhibition, the space is displayed by different sections through the spatial planning by Rui-Xian Chen and the practical design by Jun-Liang Chen.