AU launches 2021 Virtual Exchange Programs and Winter Camp

Asia University launches its 2021 Virtual Exchange Programs and Winter Camp despite the outbreak of COVID-19 in the beginning of this year. The pandemic interrupts the regular face-to-face classroom teaching and learning, and many countries are forced to close their borders and lockdown big cities. These radical ways to contain the virus spread in a way make overseas traveling impossible. Many international students consequently have to stay in their own countries and cannot study at their partner universities as exchange students.

However, AU manages to run its exchange programs and winter school via on-line courses.  Since the university has taken digital learning as the primary concern in its pedagogical reform in the time of this crisis, these exchange programs will guarantee the continuation of overseas study for both international students and local students.


In the coming spring semester, AU will offer 30 courses across six different colleges and various disciplines. ALL courses are taught in English and online synchronously. The spring semester 2021 at Asia University starts on Feb. 22, 2021 and ends on June 25, 2021. Partner universities need to nominate students for this virtual exchange to Asia University at least 3 weeks prior to the spring semester. The virtual exchange students will be charged if the course is customized or offered by the specific request of AU partner universities (Please see the attached brochure for more information:


For winter programs, AU offers six courses, including Web Design, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech Application, Economy Investment and Taiwan Culture, Community Care Practice in Taiwan, and Chinese Language & Culture. All the courses are conducted online and in English. Tuition waiver is granted to the students from AU’s partner universities (Please see the attached brochure for more information: