Asia University Ranked No. 5 in Top-20 Best Universities in School-Running Performances in Taiwan


↑ A picture of Yun-Peng Yin (middle), Publisher of the Common Wealth Magazine, Jing-Pha Tsai (3rd on the right), President of Asia University, and other university presidents attending the award ceremony.

Evaluated by the Cheers Magazine as a rising new star among the private universities, AU is ranked within the first five for the 2nd time in the list of top 20 best school-running universities.

《For the second year, the Cheers Magazine held a university-performance evaluation by the presidents of 145 universities in Taiwan, and announced the top-20 best universities on Feb. 17.(Asia University, Taiwan)Asia University (AU) is listed as No. 5 and was awarded on Feb. 17 together with the other four top 5 schools, including Feng Chia University, National Taipei University of Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Taiwan University, as announced by Publisher Yun-Peng Yin of the Common Wealth Magazine. Specifically, Publisher Yin, praised “Asia University keep fostering excellence of school running and making progress. That is really an outstanding performance!”

“Having a good leader and good school-running strategies can accelerate the achievements of a university, as conducted by Asia University!” said the president of the Cheers Magazine, Feng-Zhen Liu. She mentioned as well that with full supports from the board of directors and great efforts in school running, within less than 15 years AU is now internationally famous for its excellence in school performance. Specifically, she said that AU established the “Nobel Laureate Forum” from 2010, continuing invitation of 14 Nobel Prize winners in various areas to visit AU, give speeches, or hold seminars at AU campus, giving the AU students and faculty members more chances to learn from the masters and go further in their academic careers. “This is really unique in Taiwan,” said Liu.

For the first time in the last year, the Cheers Magazine invited the presidents of the universities in Taiwan to conduct mutual assessments of school performances, and choose universities that improve significantly in school running in the past one-year period. The top 3 of the last year went to Feng Chia University, Asia University and National Taiwan University. The result of this year had changes in the top 5, but AU is still in the list. As the youngest university in Taiwan, this is really a great achievement or even a miracle!

AU President Jing-Pha Tsai said that AU has received financial grants of the Teaching Excellence Programs of the MOE for 11 straight years with a total subsidy of 547 million NT dollars. He also mentioned that the famous UK Times Higher Education (THE) World Ranking has reported the top-100 universities in Asia every; and Asia University, being 15 years old only, is in the list of 2015. The record shows that AU is the youngest top-100 university of all over Asia!

In addition, as pointed by President Tsai, the College of Creative Design at AU won numerous prizes in the international design and invention competitions. Other than 64 prizes of IF and Red Dot in Germany and 2 prizes of G-Mark in Japan, Jing-Wei Liu, a student from the Visual Communication Design Dept. at AU, won the great Japanese Illustration Competition Award. “As No. 28 in the IF university ranking in the world, AU was also evaluated to be the No. 1 university in the higher education system in Taiwan that won the most international design competitions subsidized by the MOE,” emphasized President Tsai. As indicated in the AU website, in the past six years AU has become renowned overseas for winning 232 medals in the design/invention competitions in Korea, Malaysia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, etc.